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Develop a Professional OnePage WordPress site With No Coding [etrainingfirm]

Develop a Professional OnePage WordPress site With No Coding

 A practical Guide on how to create WordPress websites on any topic for beginners (No Coding required)

Develop a Professional OnePage

 Instructed by eTraining FirmNoman Ramzan


Course Description

Have you ever imagined of creating a website? If YES then we are giving you opportunity 
to build your One Page WordPress Website by taking this Course.
As the course title suggests, this training course is all about how to create a one page WordPress 
website. You will notice a Huge difference in your skills after taking this course compared to other
 courses out there in Market. This is a practical demonstration of WordPress One Page course.
  1. I am doing everything live in this course for your development. 
  2. From buying a domain to managing a hosting account, from setting up scripts to modifying tools, you will learn everything here in a live project with me.
What Will Be Your Benefit:
I can assure you guys when you are about to finish this course, Hopefully, you
will be able to create onepage WordPress websites on any niche you want without anyone's 

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How Long Will It Take To Complete This Course?
It should not take more than 2 hours to complete this course. I did my best to describe everything 
in the easiest possible way possible for you and if you continue to follow steps, there is no way that 
you will take more than 2 hours to finish this course.

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Note: I will cover both the free methods and the paid (original) methods of creating a website 
so if you don't want to invest in hosting, you don't have to. 

What are the requirements?

  • You will only need a computer with Internet
  • you will not need any Coding knowledge

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build a website without writing code
  • Understand how to build Websites and How Websites Run

What is the target audience?

  • This Course is for Those Love to design Website without Coding
  • Everyone who wants to Earn From Their Websites


Section 1: Training Module - 1 Introduction to course
101 - Welcome to Course and Target Audience 
102 - Introduction to WordPress 
Section 2: Training Module - 2 Domain Name
201 - What is a Domain Name and Obtaining Domain Name 
Section 3: Training Module - 3 Web Hosting
301 - What is hosting and Create a hosting Account 
302 - Domain Name Settings DNS 
303 - Hosting Account Managed 
Section 4: Training Module - 4 Installation of WordPress
401 - How to install WordPress on Godaddy Hosting 
Section 5: Training Module - 5 Website Development
501 - introduction and installation of One Page website. 
502 - Header and Footer Settings 
503 - Home Page Settings 
Section 6: Training Module - 6 Website Support (Bonus Lecture)
602 - How to Create a WordPress Post 
Section 7: Training Module - 7 Conclusion
701 - Conclusion 
Section 8: Training Module - 8 Bonus For Existing Students
801 - Bonus Plus Discount 
eTraining Firm
eTraining Firm

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